A product strategy firm

What makes a business unique?

At Dilenio we blend business intelligence with design thinking to uncover next-generation
products, services and processes that tackle current business challenges and objectives.

What we do

Dilenio specialises in Customer Experience.

We help companies to develop new and better products, services and processes, to differentiate, to compete better, to discover new avenues, new opportunities, new revenue streams, to expand into new markets, and to think and embrace customer experience.

We create innovation through deep customer insights, process analysis and business intelligence.

Some of our clients


01  /  Strategic Innovation

Discover new products, new opportunities, new processes, services, revenue streams...

This is a global effort involving the business sector, internal organisation, products, services and processes.


02  /  Business and Customer Insights

We believe that innovation can flourish with a structured process of business and customer insights.

This is an effort aimed at collecting the necessary evidence to inform product and service design decisions.


03  /  Design

Design is intended to create a connection between a person and a product or service. A meaningful connection.

Design is a multi-faceted discipline, offering endless opportunity to surprise even the most skeptics.