A product strategy firm

Evidence to support strategic planning and Design

Evidence from business and customer insights informs design solutions.

A good understanding of both the business context and the customer context is the spring board that kickstarts the creative process.

A few of the methods we employ include:

  • › Business / Competitive analysis

    › Product diagnostics

    › Ethnographic research

    › Usability studies

  • › Customer experience diagnostics

    › Comparative Studies

    › Feature Benchmarks

    › Diary Studies

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Product Diagnostics

An insurance for your product

Product Diagnostics are used to uncover underlying problems that affect product performance and results.

In today’s global economy, the effects of a faulty product can be felt within the organisation at lightning speed.

Early product diagnostics are a quick and cost-effective insurance.

  • Broadband, home installations

    Installing broadband service at home. Will customers get connected successfully?

  • Internal application

    Can international teams successfully use our product portfolio software?

  • Medical Device UI

    Can doctors improve medical care with a new portable medical device?

  • Evaluating a VOD application

    Can we increase revenue with a revised design of our On-Demand service?

  • Evaluating a mobile application

    Will customers understand and benefit from our new feature in mobile mapping?

Ethnographic Research

Understanding the context of the user

We research how people conduct activities, at home, at work and on location.

The information we extract from observing how people conduct activities is the key to guiding the design of products, services and processes.

  • Hospital
  • Pharmacist showing pill dispenser
  • Hospital
  • Pharmachy activity