A product strategy firm

We design to create a connection between product and user

Our phylosophy is focused around ensuring that the design supplies what the user needs.

When we design, we have studied the industry, the competitive landscape, analysed business goals and challenges, studied the relationship between the user and the current product... In short, we have collected the necessary evidence to guide us in the design process.

When we design, we have covered these and many other questions:

  • What is the organisation, our client, trying to accomplish, or solve?
  • What’s the user’s task? Or workflow?
  • What are the user’s end goals?

Mobile Application Design

Mobile applications are enablers. Enablers of process, of communication, of service delivery... Mobile applications can enable multiple solutions, both for customers and organisations as a whole.

Applications, mobile or web, need to live within the larger context of a business strategy coupled with an unmet business or customer need. We envision mobile applications as an integral part of an organistion’s strategic plan.

Multiple Platforms

We design to enable an activity, to establish a successful relationship between a person and a product (or process, or sevice). What we enable may involve one or more platforms.

We are not technology centric. We are user centric. We do not work exclusively with one technology or provider. We select what is necessary for the sucess of the end-user.

We deliver most of our work in the following platforms:

  • Web
  • Mobile
  • Television

Converged Service Design

Converged services are delivered across customer touchpoints in a coherent, consistent way.

Service design has evolved in recent years, becoming a key strategic component within organisations. It is no longer a question limited to business or pricing model, it now is part of a long term strategic relationship with customers, and members of the supply chain.